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Who is Chinese, who is Russian?

Peter Petrov has been a fourth generation Chinese citizen. With bright blue eyes, fair skin and brown hair, he doesn’t look like a typical Chinese man. His Russian face is making Chineses confusing and wondering about what is really Chinese. He is a just simple Chinese farmer who became a …

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Cyberattacks against Iran

United States Cyber Command conducted online attacks against an Iranian intelligence group that American officials believe helped plan the attacks against oil tankers in recent weeks. The intrusion occurred the same day President Trump called off a strike on Iranian targets like radar and missile batteries. But the online operation was allowed …

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Facebook will make its cryptocurrency

It’s called Libra.  Facebook also announced the creation of the Libra Association, an independent organization that will manage the currency, and Calibra, a unit of Facebook that will build applications related to the new digital currency. Facebook has 2.4 billion users around the world, an audience that could help it spur …

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Who turned off the internet in Ethiopia?

Internet outages have kept many Ethiopians offline for about a week, and no one’s been able to get a straight answer as to why. Social media platforms like Whatsapp and Telegram have been blocked. Even text messaging services have been down since late last week. Ethiopia’s telecoms provider declined to comment …

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Huawei war

After President Trump declared Huawei phones dangerous for the US security, Google decided to stop its support for the Chinese mobiles. Now it’s the turn of Facebook that will no longer preinstall Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp on Huawei phones. To make matters more complicated, because of the Huawei ban, Google …

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Tinder, privacy and Russia

The Tinder dating app is now required to share its user data with Russian authorities, according to Russia’s Roskomsvoboda internet rights group. Legislation that came into force in 2016 requires social media companies to store user data on servers located in Russia and provide this data to the authorities on …

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