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Lhakpa Sherpa walking around the Everest

Lhakpa Sherpa, nepalese living in Connecticut, holds the women’s world record for Mount Everest summits, 9 times on the top of the world.

For the 10 months of the year when she’s not guiding people up the world’s tallest mountain, Sherpa washes dishes at a Whole Foods and takes care of her two youngest children.

In a recent businessinsider interview she said that to climb the Everest people needs time, money and courage.

People who want to climb Everest pay more than 25.000$ buying oxygen tanks for 850$, authorizations to climb fot 11.000$ and other money to pay local sherpas to bring their things up.

They stay for weeks at the base camp trying to acclimatize to the rarefied air. The last part, the last 850 meters, the “dead zone”, is like walking between dead bodies. More that 200 bodies are left in the these mountains since taking them down would be too dangerous.

He is called “green boots”, an alpinist who died in 1996, 100 meters far from the top.
He is believed to be Tsewang Paljor

Sherpa said her groups usually start their seven-hour journeys around 10 p.m. to reach the summit safely. They can only spend about 10 to 20 minutes there before embarking on the 12-hour hike back to base camp. Ideally, the trek is done by sunset.

Partially taken from businessinsider.com

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